Our Services

What services can Thomas Freight offer you?

At Thomas Freight we provide the highest quality service in transporting goods from Christchurch to Reefton - Westport and their surrounding areas. Plus from Westport - Reefton to Christchurch and its surrounding areas.

Thomas Freight's service includes an overnight freight run from Westport - Reefton to our Hornby depot in Christchurch return. With all goods being delivered the next morning they are sent. Most Christchurch deliveries from our Hornby depot are free of charge, but it pays to enquire if there are any additional charges before delivery.

Thomas freight specialises in delivering bulk lines to a number of clients which include Oceana Gold and a number of dairy farms along the main route to Reefton and Westport. Most deliveries to dairy farms are overnight with the odd exception to farms convenient to the main road get same day service.
We also deliver to Springs Junction, the Shenandoah and to Murchison.
Our trucks range from small flat deck runabouts to 13M semi trailers. Nothing is too big or too small.

Time, care and consideration Time, care and consideration
same day service There and back in one day
Low overhead alternative Low overhead alternative
New Zealand owned and operated New Zealand owned and operated

Our Family

Thomas Freight was started roughly 10 years ago by Tony Thomas. Delivering the NZ Courier freight from Reefton to Westport with freight being delivered back to Reefton from Westport. In 2008, a permanent transport company based in Reefton was needed to supply the ever growing region and to cut down on delay times for goods being delivered to the area.

A depot was set up in Hornby, Christchurch with Tony's son Jeremy Managing the Canterbury side. Both Tony and Jeremy have a great knowledge of their respective areas and understand their clients' needs on both sides of the "Hill".

Thomas Freight is a family business with high morals and strong values. We treat our customers as individual people with individual needs. Not a number or 'just another job'.

We look forward into the future by servicing Reefton and Westport with the highest of standards. The future of Thomas Freight is looking positive especially with plenty of Grandchildren ready to take over!
(As soon as they get their licenses)
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